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HET Super Sniper XL 90mm EDF jets (Green Lightning)
Product Code#:SniperXL-GN
Out of Stock
Fully Epoxy Composite Sports Jet (with V2 Elevator)

Price USD$149.00

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- Length: 56" / 1422mm

- Wingspan: 53" / 1346mm

- Weight: 8 - 10 lbs  / 3628 - 4535 grams

- Fan unit: HET 9305-700

- Motor: Typhoon 700-68 series

- ESC: 100 Amp HV minimum 

- Battery: 8S - 12S 4200mAh 35C (will vary on your choice of setup)

- Servos: 1 Elevator, 2 Ailerons, 2 Flaps, 1 Rudder, 1 Nose steering

- Additional equipment required based on your setup


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